Lela apartments – you’re more than a tourist

Welcome to apartments Lela – place where you are more than a tourist. We offer you different kinds of apartments but same unique experience. We believe everyone wants to travel (as we do) but no one wants to be a tourist (as we don’t).

Your experience in foreign country or city should be unique. And uniqueness is not achieved (just) through accommodation we offer to you but through our connection with you, and your connection with us and with place you are at. We don’t host a tourists, we host guests and after a while – friends.

Don’t be surprised if you find our home grown potato or tomato in front of your door as our gift, or homemade wine or olive oil on your table. We are not (just :p) trying to get better review but to give you real sense of our culture and our everyday lives beside the “fancy tourist curtain”.

We understand it is almost impossible for you to visit, understand or experience all in such a short time, but we also know that if we are there for your question, useful information or advice you can get a lot more. So, we give our guests private phone number for everything they need, we equip them with city maps and guides, help them to book excursions, taxi…etc. Beside that, we are offering to you wide variety of services. From airport transfer to bike and boat renting.

Feel free to contact us for any question, even if you already booked your apartment somewhere else and you just need advice or information from us.

See you